MANORATH - We Voice Rights for All Children

About CRY

For over 30 years now, CRY – Child Rights and You has worked on the reasons why children are deprived of rights. Every year, CRY together with 200 partner NGOs across 18 states works to address the root causes of exploitation, deprivation and inadequate livelihood options that constrain the rights of children. This collective action permanently changes the lives of over 6 lakh children in 6700 villages and slums each year, who live learn and grow well. None of these micro-miracles would have been possible without public support – every year, 2 lakh individuals, come together from all walks of life to stand up for their belief in the rights of children.

CRY’s mission is to enable people to take responsibility for the situation of the deprived Indian child. We motivate people to confront the situation through collective action thereby giving children and themselves an opportunity to realize their full potential.

Manorath is one such Volunteers group with CRY which through its endeavors is voicing Rights for all children.

Manorath is a group of volunteers with Child Rights & You (CRY). Manorath members see themselves as campaigners for change. Our first campaign focuses on the right to educationfor all children in the NCR region. Manorath sees it growing as a movement to ensure every child the right to childhood.

RTE Campaign Mission:~To ensure that every child in India gets free compulsory n& quality education.
~To ensure state responsibility and accountability to provide free, compulsory, equitable and quality education to all children through public system of education.

RTE Campaign Objectives:~Create public opinion of RTE
~Mobilise the citizens of India to stand up for RTE
~Demand that state implements a common school system
~Ensure that educational institutes are equipped with holistic development of every child.

RTE Action Plan:~Capacity building as a collective : Enabling ourselves to lectures, discussions, readings and focused group discussion and forming study group on child rights
~Conducting research survey audits and document findings to enhance knowledge on RTE.
~Filing of Public interest litigation (PILs) and Right to education (RTIs) as and when required.
~Participating and organizing rallies, protests demand charters, workshops, seminars and conferences on RTE

To Join Manorath
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Call Amit Aggarwal +91-9717277599

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mera Bhi Toh Adhikaar Hai !!!

Manorath has formed a children group in Dakshinpuri and the video shows Manorath members and children learning and singing the CHILD RIGHTS song together. There is Bhavay leading the choir, Amit swinging his hands from one side to the other and the rest of us in chorus . I am recording the video. Special thanks to Garima for uploading the video.
NOTE: The video has been shot and uploaded with permission from the children involved and does not violate child rights.

And if you want to humm along, here are the lyrics :

PS. This is just the practice, the final version would come out soon ;).

For the uninitiated: The CRY Anthem is a song penned down by Javed Akhtar as a part of the "CRY Telethon". The Music is by Aadesh Shrivastava. It is is sung by Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Hariharan, Shreya Ghoshal, Udit Narayan, Shaan, Sapna Mukherjee, Babul Supriyo, Vijeta Pandit, Shankar Mahadevan, Abhijeet and Shraddha Pandit. Apart from the artistes mentioned above, the song also features Aadesh Shrivastav's sons Avitesh and Anivesh, Alka Yagnik's daughter Sayesha and Abhijeet's son Jai, adding to the beauty of the song. Following is the link to the original song:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A prelude

Manorath, the very name, takes one's vision to a softer, humane request for surviving, where we who are priveleged, raise voices for the children who are not. Here, we pledge, to make a difference in whatever way we can, to make the life of children better.
A child is the epitome of innocence, and the love one recieves from children is the purest. Their hearts are free of mailce, and their souls absolutely pure, away from the sightings of the world. This beautiful existance is called childhood, of which unfortunately, many lakhs of children are deprived today. We invite you, to become a part of 'Manorath', to share this feeling of a drive to do something for children, to experience the unconditional love we recieve from them, and to feel the satisfaction of having contributed in your own little way.

Lets help nurture the today, that will be us tomorrow.

The Sleeping Child

"As i went through my daily grind..
With thoughts and worries intertwined..
I lay my eyes on a sleeping child...
Resting in the heat that could burn the wild...

What had she done to deserve this...

Why cant i pick her up and give her a kiss...
Why is that suddenly all my worries seem triffle..
I have enough I said ..
But who'll feed this angel ??

The chips I had, to her I gave..

Feeling small at the contibution I made...
Wanted to do more ..
Could i adopt the child...
And suddenly ma boss called ..
Hurry up he said...
I said be there in a while...

In a moment I lost the smile...

That a pack of chips had brought to the girl...
I left that place...cause the heat was killing me...
I feel like a coward .. I had no right to flee...

Its our obligation as citizens of the world...

To feed the needy .. to help the troubled...
Why is then... we all commit the crime...
Of not being humans.. but only being prime...
The misery of defeat .. or the pain of death...
Doesnt compare to what I felt...
Seeing myself shy away..
From a sleeping child.. who had no way... "

By Shubham

Monday, June 1, 2009

MANORATH's intervention at the community level

Manorath members engage with children & parents in areas where MCD schools operate, One example is the Dakshinpuri community intervention ,near Ambedkar Nagar,South Delhi, where members engage with children of all groups and organise Drawing and other fun filled activites wid them. The group was able to identify problems with one of the schools and take it up with the concerned authorities.

Sachin with his masterpiece
Manorath members with children at Dakshinpuri

Manorath's Rally to demand books for 11 lakh children of MCD schools.

In April'09 when new academic session began , Manorath discovered that MCD has not given any text books to children of the MCD schools and the same was expected to not to be distributed till August'09. Manorath found that children were finding difficulties to continue with their studies without the text books. Therefore, To protest the attitude in the delay of the distribution of books on the part of MCD authority, Manorath organised a RALLY to demand the earlier distribution of books to the children.
Children of MCD schools & parents along with Manorath members at the Dakshinpuri park
Rally progressing towards the Residence of Education Minister
The protest was held along with other groups in front of the residence of the Education Minister,Delhi Government on 5th april'09 ,where in an assurance was taken that the books will be given soon. Manorath also wrote a letter to the minister holding him by his assurance. Our follow up interaction with the children has revealed that the books will be given to all the children on 1st of july when school reopens for the new session.

Infront of the Residence of the Education Minister
The rally saw participation of many children studying in MCD schools of Dakshinpuri along with their parents.